Today we took a trip to the only organic macademia nut farm in Guatemala. The owner told us Guatemala was a very dangerous place. He was visiting for 3 days back in the seventies and has never left!

The trees are not native to Guatemala, but brought here from Australia.

The nuts are not picked from the tree, but picked off the ground once they are ripe enough to fall off the tree.  This machine takes off the green husks before they get sorted.

This is the sorter. The bars get farther apart toward the bottom so the nuts can roll and be sorted by size.

Here is the super fancy bamboo hut bathroom!

At the farm they also sell beauty products made from the macademia nut oil. This is me getting a free facial.

And my “after” picture. Clearly I look years younger!

A papaya tree:

And our lovely source of transportation! How many people can you fit in a regular sized pickup? At least 15!

(How many people can fit on a Chicken bus? Always one more!)