Today we visited a coffee farm. All coffee beans go through 4 stages of productions. They are picked when they are ripe and red (called cereza or cherry). They are then dried and shelled to become pergamino, or coffee in parchament.  Once again they are peeled and separated to become green coffee. And very last they are roasted to become brown coffee. In this basket there are the 4 stages plus the ground coffee.

The next 2 pictures show the production from a single tree. At the first stage it produces about 6.5 lbs of cherries. After the drying process it becomes 1.5 lbs of coffee in parchament. Once cleaned of the parchament, it is reduced to 1.25 lbs of coffee, and then after roasting only 1 lb. One pound of coffee produced about 40 cups. So, how many trees of coffee do you drink in a year?

This is where they lay the coffee beans to dry out in the sun after they are harvested.

Here is where the beans are roasted, ground, and packaged.

Coffee growing on a tree (not ripe yet).

A little extra fact about coffe, in case you didn’t know:

And a chart about the world production of coffee:

According to our guide, Guatemala is 9th in production but 1st in quality!