Went downstairs this morning to find a car parked in the house.  This is a pretty common thing here. Nobody has a garage. They just put the car in the foyer!

We had a field trip today for the inauguration of a primary school here in Guatemala, close to the coast.  Almost everyone from our school went. In the same bus. Since there wasn’t enough room for everyone, we put plastic lawn chairs and stools in the aisles!

Somebody let a monkey on the bus!

Our school has a mission connected with it that builds schools and sends the “Bibliobus” into areas that have no libraries.  The only thing that we students are asked to do is donate a book. We still received an incredibly warm welcome that included a red carpet and standing ovation.

This is Rigoberto the director of Probigua:

This is Max, the fundraiser from Switzerland:

All the teachers and students were incredibly grateful to finally have a school. Here’s one of their new classrooms.

Seminarians playing futbol with the guatemaltecos:

Our celebratory lunch after the ceremony:

It was a very humbling experience to see the poverty that these people live in and the gratitude that they had for such a simple school!