Today we visited a finca or granja. (Also known as a farm to all you gringos). This farm grows all organic products here in Antigua.

You may not be able to tell by the picture, but the blackberries here are way bigger than the ones we grow in the States!

I fed free range chickens some kind of grain similar to cous-cous!

Chicken feed:


Here is an organic bug catcher. They take yellow material and coat it in some sort of natural “goma” and the bugs stick to it. Yellow attracts the bugs that are bad for the plants. White attracts bugs that are good for them.

This flower is called a capuchina and is completely edible. It is surprisingly hot, like a radish.

Way up on the hill is another farm that is not organic. Definitely inferior to the one we visited.



The farm sells organic popsicles that are delicious and also sells organic cocktails on Mondays at a bar here in Antigua. I hear it is better to get your vitamins while drinking than to not get them at all!