I ate lunch here. If you come to Guatemala do not eat here. Enough said.

Not sure the difference between this and Diet Coke, but it tastes the same.

We walked past this convent/ chuch called Las Capuchinas which has pretty much fallen into ruins.

Not sure what this is… people up a mountain doing something religious? You have to look really close to see it!

We visited the tomb of Santo Hermano Pedro today, located at the church of San Francisco.  Here’s a picture of outside and inside. There was a sign that said taking pictures of the tomb is prohibited, so I turned the flash off and took them. Please don’t inform the authorities!

This was in a garden outside the church. The cross has all the items used in the story of the crucifixion. And maybe a few extras.

Last but not least, what would I do without a picture of something odd to show? The Batman short bus!