We went to the park today that is located in the middle of Antigua and saw several things that I cannot explain. But I did manage to get pictures.

On the way we passed a store that sells more than your average items! Not sure how I could pack this to bring home but what’s better than love to a hippie? ORGANIC LOVE!

There was a parade of young ladies dressed up with their male escorts. Quiceañeras or pageant? There was  a princess too, I think!

There were also clowns out and about, but I don’t know if it was for a special occasion or if it’s normal for there to be clowns at the park.

And last of the things I can’t explain may be the most bizarre thing I’ve seen since I got here. This guy was selling miniatures statues of himself painting. Uh… ?!?

The cathedral borders the park. We went to mass there today.

And on the way discovered the Wal-mart of Guatemala, complete with a mini arco inside!

We stopped to grab some Argentinian empanadas de queso on our way back to the house. Aren’t the gorditos cute!

And last I must share a picture of another fruit I tried for the first time yesterday. Not sure how to spell it in English, but in Spanish it is licha. It is weird, but sweet and delicious. I would recommend it, but I’ve been trying everything new that I can since I arrived! Don’t worry, you don’t eat the outside.