On the way to the beach we saw the volcano “Fuego” errupting!

We went to the beach in Monterrico, on the Pacific Coast. The sand is made from volcanic ash and is very fine and very hot!

The undertow was surprisingly strong. I actually got knocked down a few times without going very far into the water.

We bought some fruit at the market to take with us on our trip. I had never had this before- a pitaya in Spanish, a dragonfruit in English.

Here’s where we had lunch today on the beach.

And my fresh fish!

I bought a souvenir from this local woman who was peddling her wares along the beach, using a fan cover instead of a basket!

The small towns we saw on the way were a lot poorer and run down than our lovely suburb neighborhood, but the countryside was still very beautiful and the beach incredible too. I was very happy to get back to a clean bathroom and a hot shower to rid myself of the fine sand coating I got today!

This mural was in one of the nicer areas we drove by.