Here’s the preferred mode of transportation in Antigua. Flag one down and hop on and off while it’s still moving! Hopefully, there is a place to sit doesn’t already have 2 people in the small school bus seat, but it only costs 2 quetzales or approximately one quarter!

Today was adventure day! Meli and I took the wrong bus from the market to get home. Aparently Alotenango and Jocotenango sound pretty similar when being shouted in a busy marketplace. After getting dropped off somewhere outside the city, we had to flag down another bus to bring us back to the market. We both double checked the next bus we got on. Say it nice and slow JO-CO-TE-NAN-GO, estupido!

The market:

El bananicero:

Near the market is the church San Agustin. Here’s one picture of the front and one of the inside. And it really is the inside.

Here I have pictures of the school from the front and inside also. I think I would have enjoyed college and high school a lot more had they look this tropical inside!

Last picture for the day is me in front of the beautiful mountains taken from inside our securely guarded community. The gardener came the morning along with the housekeeper. This place feels like a resort!